Combining Old World Craftsmanship with Modern Technology to Deliver a Superior Building

  • At Bedrock, concrete is in our blood. Our construction team has been in the industry for over 25 years.
  • Our individual crews work together like a well-oiled machine or a conductor leading a symphony.
  • Many of them started in Portugal and then brought their knowledge and old world craftsmanship to Bedrock.

Keeping Things Simple

  • The structural details of our process are extremely repetitive to our crews. This leads to easier, faster and more skillful construction.
  • We use locally produced materials to reduce transportation time and eliminate the need to wait for plant production.
  • Numerous building phases are completed simultaneously by our experienced and proficient crew.

Giving You the Best Value for Your Dollar

  • The value of our Tilt-Up buildings is always increasing thanks to the inherent durability of concrete.
  • Tilt-Up buildings are appraised at a higher value than metal or block buildings.
  • The heat sink properties of concrete combined with the most advanced insulation technology allow for maximum energy bill savings.

Challenging the Status Quo in the Building Industry

  • As a member of the CON/STEEL Tilt-Up Alliance, Bedrock is constantly utilizing the most cutting-edge techniques in the Tilt-Up industry.
  • Our early floor slab construction provides a flat and clean working space, yielding fewer weather delays and a much more organized construction area.